Sunday, July 31, 2011

Share your Savings

Support Our Troops
SupportOurTroops.Org has a great Coupon program that I would like for all of you to be a part of. They send expired coupons overseas to help out OUR Military Families.

Here is a run down of the "important" things you need to know:

From the SupportOurTroops website

No Minimum Donation Size.
  • A million grains of sand make a big beach.
  • Expired Coupons Are Accepted Until They Are Two Months Old.
  • Coupons older than two (2) months expired on the date of mailing are no good. People at the base must have time to process them there, and families need time to use them in their budget stream.

Clip Out Your Coupons.
  • We can’t do it.
  • You save people at the base time.
  • You save postage.

Good Coupons.
  • Only “Manufacturer’s Coupons” can be used.
  • They can be from the newspaper, dispensers in grocery stores, tear-pads, internet and elsewhere as long as they state "Manufacturer's Coupon" on them.

Bad Coupons.
  • No Assistance Vouchers.
  • No Food Stamps or the like.
  • No Store Coupons.
  • No restaurant coupons.

Sort the Coupons.
  • Bases usually have a grocery store, and a department store.
  • Put food coupons in one bag and non-food coupons in another bag.
  • This helps the base volunteers and personnel send them to the right store.
  • Don’t use rubber bands, paper clips, or the like.
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