Friday, August 5, 2011

Mega SwagBucks Friday!!!!!!!

EVERY Friday is Mega SwagBucks Day!!! Earn 20+ for searches today!!

SwagBucks (SB) is an AWESOME rewards site that pays you to search the web. I search the web all the time and love that SB will reward you for something so simple. They really give you SB's and you can really buy stuff with them!! So far I have cashed in my SB for 6 Amazon $5 gift cards! If I was using one of those "other" sites I would have gotten $0!

Here is how to get a min of 5 SB everyday:

  1. Download the SB toolbar - everyday you will get 1 SB just for using it
  2. Take the Daily Poll - These are simple poll questions where you can vote once a day for 1 SB
  3. Trusted Surveys - Click on the Trusted Surveys link, you don't even have to take a survey and you get 1 SB
  4. NOSO - No Obligation Special Offers, just go through the path and get 2 SB!
So, 5 SB for a full month comes out to 150SB per month!! If you don't use the search option at all you would still be able to cash out every 3 months for an Amazon Gift Card!! But I promise you will use the search option any time you can, cause why would you pass up FREE stuff???

SB also gives out random FREE SB codes that you can find on FaceBook and Twitter.  They also have a "widget" which you can find about half way down this page on the right hand side.

With the "widget" you can search for Swag codes, see how many SB I have, check out their prizes, read posts on the blog and even sign up for your own account! Go ahead Sign up...... why not earn FREE Stuff??

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