Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Reason I do this......

Today when I went to the post office I received two packages and two magazines!!

Magazines (both FREE!)
* Cosmopolitan
* Muscle and Fitness

The Packages
* from NoNonsense: TWO Bras and a pair of FREE socks! I only paid $6.48!!!!!
* from Bath and Body Works: Ten, yes 10, antibacterial hand gels (1 fl oz).... I only paid $6.29!!!

In the past week I have also gotten:
* a fleece jacket for my son (for Christmas) from The Children's Place for only $4.20 shipped!!
* a Melissa and Doug beginners Magic set (for Christmas) for only $3.95 shipped!!!

I have also gotten Tide laundry soap for just $4.47 and All laundry soap for just $3!!

Stick with me long enough and I will teach you how I got over 10 cases of Sobe Life Water for FREE this past summer!!! (Thanks Carrie) ;)

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